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Uvika Wahi | April 15, 2024


Key Takeaways for Vacation Rental Managers:

  • Airbnb’s latest report highlights travel trends for the summer of 2024, emphasizing a surge in interest for destinations hosting major sports events and those offering unique experiential stays.
  • The Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris and the European Football Championships across Germany are significantly boosting travel interest. Cities hosting these events, such as Paris, Lille, Munich, and Dortmund, are witnessing a marked increase in accommodation searches and bookings.
  • Travelers are increasingly seeking accommodations that offer unique experiences, often categorized under Airbnb’s ‘Play’ segment. This category, which includes properties with special features like game rooms, water slides, and trampolines, has seen searches more than double this summer.
  • There’s a 30% rise in searches for properties with outdoor amenities like pools and barbecue areas, indicating a preference for spacious and outdoor-centric vacation options among families.

Uvika’s View: 

  • Airbnb’s latest exploration into summer 2024’s travel appetites doesn’t just reflect temporary whims but taps into a broader shift observed across the travel sector. 
  • Echoing findings from Sirreti’s analysis of high-net-worth travelers, the clamor for unique, experiential stays is louder than ever, indicating a transformation in how travelers are choosing to spend their time and money, seeking deeper, more personal connections with their destinations.
  • For those at the helm of properties boasting unique amenities, the directive is clear: these features must take center stage in your listings. The allure of experiential stays transcends the niche—it’s becoming a cornerstone of modern travel preferences. This is an invaluable lever for differentiation in a saturated market, offering a clear path to capture the imaginations and bookings of travelers.
  • While cities like Paris and Munich prepare to bask in the spotlight of global sports, Airbnb’s data suggests that the glow extends well beyond these metropolitan borders. Properties in the vicinity, not just within these urban hubs, are poised to reap benefits from the influx of visitors. This underscores a broader opportunity for properties to market themselves as gateways to these grand events, enhancing their appeal and potentially their pricing power.
  • The trend towards valuing local experiences isn’t just a blip on the radar either.’s 2023 Sustainable Travel Report underscores this, with a substantial majority of travelers eager to ensure their travel expenditures flow back into local pockets. Airbnb asserts that its listings are uniquely positioned to fulfill this craving for authenticity, offering a platform for hosts to showcase their locales’ true flavors and quirks. Highlighting these aspects can not only magnify guest satisfaction but also bolster local economies, aligning with a growing traveler ethos of mindful, impactful exploration.


Key Takeaways for Vacation Rental Managers:

  • Superhog, a leader in vacation rental safety and security, launched a podcast titled “The Property Manager as Guest” in February 2024. This platform provides an opportunity for vacation rental property managers to share insights from their experiences.
  • Hosted by Superhog co-founder Leo Walton, the podcast features property managers as guests, discussing the intricacies of their business, sharing personal anecdotes, and offering valuable tips for success in the short-term rental industry.
  • The core aim of the podcast is to create a knowledge-sharing space where vacation rental hosts and property managers can learn best practices, avoid common pitfalls, and discover various strategies for ensuring guest satisfaction and maximizing profits.
  • Each episode aims to serve as a masterclass in property management, with guests revealing their unique paths to success, highlighting the importance of learning from both challenges and achievements.
  • Initially starting with one episode per month, the podcast plans to double its output to two episodes monthly starting May 2024, promising more frequent insights and learning opportunities.
  • Features include Saskia van der Holt‘s advice on scaling businesses, Heather Fillmore-Browns lessons from overcoming adversity, and John Hildebrand’s creative strategies for business visibility and community engagement.
  • “The Property Manager as Guest” is available on major podcast platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts, making it easy for interested listeners to subscribe and gain access to these insightful discussions.


Superhog is recognized for its risk management platform “Know Your Guest”, which offers comprehensive solutions for guest verification and property security, including fraud detection, high-risk guest identification, and up to $5M in damage protection, thereby enhancing the overall safety and security framework for short-term rental properties.

Uvika’s View: 

  • This concept of turning the tables—placing property managers in the guest seat—brings a new perspective to the typically technical and transactional nature of our work. It humanizes the field by mixing relatable stories with professional insights. This unique combination could bridge the gap in existing resources, providing both inspiration and practical advice.
  • For professional managers, there is nothing more valuable than the advice and experiences of peers in the industry. Real, applicable advice from those who have walked in their shoes often proves to be the most effective, resonating deeply.
  • The podcast creates a space for shared learning, where successes are celebrated and failures are examined for valuable lessons. For short-term rental managers, this means access to a wealth of guidance that is both grounded and motivational.
  • Moreover, the podcast represents a larger shift toward collaborative growth and openness within our industry. In a sector often marked by fierce competition, Superhog’s approach through this podcast promotes a culture of communal knowledge-sharing and support. It acknowledges that the collective progress of our industry depends on individual achievements and the open exchange of experiences and challenges faced.


Key Takeaways for Vacation Rental Managers:

  • Smiling House Luxury, a leading online travel agency specializing in luxury vacation rentals, has released its list of top 10 summer destinations for 2024.
  • This selection is informed by booking data from their platform, which hosts over 9,000 luxury properties across 52 countries and 300 destinations.
  • The Top 10 Destinations Include: Mykonos, Marbella, St. Tropez, Zermatt, Paros, Sardinia, Gstaad, Hvar, Ibiza, and Tuscany. These locales are celebrated for their unique offerings, ranging from vibrant nightlife and pristine beaches to serene landscapes and rich cultural experiences.
  • The list highlights current preferences among affluent travelers, suggesting a demand for luxury accommodations in these areas. For property managers and owners within these regions, this presents an opportune moment to attract a high-end clientele seeking premium lodging options.

About Smiling House:

  • Smiling House Luxury is an online marketplace for high-end vacation rentals, offering premium accommodations such as chalets, villas, chateaus, and luxury apartments, catering to wealthy travelers seeking exclusive experiences. 
  • The company is present in over 52 countries and 300 locations, providing access to unique stays like beachside villas in St. Barts and luxury apartments in Dubai. 
  • Beyond lodging, Smiling House Luxury arranges additional luxury services for its clients, including private jet travel, yacht rentals, and personalized concierge services like ski instructors, chefs, and entertainment, aiming to deliver memorable and bespoke travel experiences.

Uvika’s View: 

  • Smiling House is offering an avenue for professional managers and property owners in these top destinations to connect with its affluent clientele. Partnering with Smiling House can provide access to a customer base actively seeking luxury accommodations in these curated locations.
  • Their list aligns with the findings of a recent Sirreti report, which sheds light on the preferences of high net worth (HNW) travelers for destinations boasting high-end amenities and services, including fine dining, world-class spas, private beaches, and exclusive golf courses. 
  • Destinations like Zermatt are highlighted in both reports, not just for their natural beauty but for their long-standing association with luxury tourism. Such locations are known for blending rich historical narratives with modern luxury, appealing to travelers seeking exclusive and sophisticated experiences.