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Following our years of experience in the vacation rental industry and luxury real estate, we decided to introduce a platform that would help both investors and property managers. All in the most sleek, innovative and valuable way possible.
Enter, Triangle Luxury - a platform created by Smiling House, which enables investors to browse, inquire and invest in some of the world’s most desired and high-yielding vacation real estate.
As well as offering an expansive inventory of luxury homes, Triangle Luxury also presents a community of destination experts to guide members through the entire purchasing process.
It’s truly no surprise that Triangle Luxury has rapidly become the leading platform for luxury vacation rental investments


A new innovative software dedicated to investment in short-term rentals based on high yielding, letting investors browse and locate high yielding assets directed for short-term rentals.

A first-of-its-kind software dedicated to the investment of short-term rentals, based on high yields. We make it easier for investors to browse and purchase high-yielding assets, specifically directed towards the vacation rental industry.
How is Triangle Luxury elevating the way people invest in luxury?
  1. Multi-destination Lifestyle Search: Enabling investors to search for their dream house, according to their specific preferences. Whether that be certain amenities, views or geographical requirements - the search results are filtered by these choices (and include options that span across the globe).
  2. Yield Factors: Investors can search the Triangle Luxury platform using the yield factor that’s based on a 90 days’ rental period, in leisure destinations. The remainder of the year (255 days) is for the owner to enjoy the property or achieve a higher yield by renting the house for even longer.
  3. Granting Unique Valuable Information: Include all the necessary information about tax benefits, regulations and financing plans, valid for every chosen destination.

Multi-destination Lifestyle search, Enabling investors to search for their dream house with certain amenities and views while getting multiple worldwide options according to their preferences.

Investors can search the platform using the yield factor based on 90 days rental period in leisure destinations. The rest of the year (255 days) is for the owner to enjoy the property or achieving a higher yield by renting the house even longer.

Granting Unique Valuable Information about Tax benefits, Regulations, and financing plans valid for every specific destination.

At Triangle Luxury, your journey in luxury vacation rental investments begins (or perhaps, continues).
We’ve always believed that global real estate investors have needed a dedicated place to browse, evaluate and experience one-of-a-kind real estate investment opportunities.
By joining the platform - and as such, the community - you’ll be given access to incredible real estate opportunities and be introduced to a network of knowledgable property managers and industry professionals.
To get started and experience the best in industry expertise, please register below (according to your current position), and one of our team members will see to your inquiry as soon as possible.

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