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The expertise and the strong connection with our top clientele have made Smiling House a trustful partner to handle the search for second homes.
Investing in a vacation home promising high yield as well as a second home to enjoy for your personal needs.

In order to help both Property managers and investors, we came out with “Triangle Luxury” a dedicated platform that enables investors to browse, inquire and invest in some of the world's most desired and high-yielding real estate.

Triangle Luxury not only offers the most extensive inventory of luxury homes but also delivers a community of trusted in-destination experts to guide you through the purchasing process.


A new innovative software dedicated to investment in short-term rentals based on high yielding, letting investors browse and locate high yielding assets directed for short-term rentals.

How triangle luxury is changing the way people invest in luxury:
  1. Multi-destination Lifestyle search, Enabling investors to search for their dream house with certain amenities and views while getting multiple worldwide options according to their preferences.
  2. Investors can search the platform using the yield factor based on 90 days rental period in leisure destinations. The rest of the year (255 days) is for the owner to enjoy the property or achieving a higher yield by renting the house even longer.
  3. Granting Unique Valuable Information about Tax benefits, Regulations, and financing plans valid for every specific destination.


Triangle Luxury is a purpose-built platform to help you find the perfect luxury vacation home for your clients. Our unique platform of high-yielding professionally managed luxury vacation rentals, and our team is ready to help.

Property manager

We understand that when a home within your collection is for sale, your current hospitality and management of that property have enhanced its value. Triangle Luxury is dedicated to exposing your properties to buyers who intend to purchase the property as a short-term rental, thus ensuring you keep the property under management. By sharing your properties for sale within Triangle, you will be able to benefit from its sale and reinforce your successful track record as a property manager.


Triangle Luxury helps investors not only spot these investment opportunities but has developed a community of trusted professionals to ensure the process of investing in Luxury Vacation Rentals worldwide is a smooth and enjoyable one. Whether you have a tax implication question, need legal advice, or want information about visa and passport benefits, Triangle Luxury is the leading platform for luxury short-term rental investments. Our community of professional advisors including international tax advisors, notaries, realtors, and of course the key figure - the property managers. This circle of professionals will make sure you are making wise decisions and create the best fit for your investment desires.

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