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At Smiling House, sustainability is at the core of our values, and we're fully committed to translating this commitment into tangible actions that benefit all our stakeholders. From our valued property owners and managers to our esteemed guests and beyond, we aim to enhance their experiences through sustainable practices. This unwavering dedication to sustainability is seamlessly woven into our exceptional and personalized booking experience for our guests.

Introducing Our Eco-Friendly Collection: Experience Sustainable Luxury

For those who desire sustainability without compromising on luxury, our Eco-Friendly Collection offers the ideal choice. These properties feature a range of sustainable amenities, for example renewable energy sources, composting facilities, LED lighting, and more. Our Eco-Friendly Collection is tailored for travelers who embrace responsible tourism, allowing them to indulge in luxury that harmonizes with nature.

Our specialized collections are thoughtfully curated to cater to the diverse preferences of luxury travelers, making it effortless for everyone to discover the perfect match every time. Explore our collections today and step into a world where luxury seamlessly combines with sustainability.

Experience our Eco-Friendly Collection:
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Guiding the Way to Sustainability

Smiling House is a proud sponsor of EnviroRental, a leading sustainability education and resource organization, focused on short-term rentals. By joining the Smiling House community, you gain access to invaluable education, inspiration, and guidance on integrating sustainability into both your business and leisure activities.

EnviroRental's motto, "Signposting Sustainability for Vacation Rentals," underscores its commitment to delivering value to property owners, managers, guests, and stakeholders alike. As a community member, you'll gain access to a wealth of advanced and up-to-date sustainability resources, all in one place. Whether you seek webinars, measurement information, case studies, blogs, podcasts, news, surveys, or data, we have it all.

Learn more at EnviroRental Website

Leading the Way in Sustainable Travel

Swisstainable, a sustainability program developed by Switzerland Tourism, serves both as a certification process and a guidance program for hosts and guests alike. As a Swiss-based business, our commitment has always been to harmoniously balance the needs of our guests, the local community, and the environment. It is only natural for us to actively participate in the Swisstainable program and proudly display the Swisstainable committed badge for all our managed properties.

Swisstainable promotes sustainable travel and so do we. But sustainable travel doesn’t mean doing without, but rather travelling with greater awareness and appreciation. That’s why we encourage our guests to enjoy nature up close and at first hand, to experience the local culture in an authentic way, consume regional products and plan longer stays. These recommendations align with both Swisstainable and Smiling House's commitment to sustainable travel. As part of the Swisstainable program, we have been awarded an emblem, serving as a visible declaration of our dedication to sustainability within the travel industry.

Discover more about Swisstainable at Switzerland Tourism - Sustainability

At Smiling House, we believe that luxury and sustainability can coexist harmoniously. Join us in making a positive impact through sustainable travel experiences that enrich lives and preserve the planet.