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Google Vacation Rentals is the latest addition to Google’s suite of travel
search products inside google Maps.

Connecting you directly to Google Maps' search.

In the fiercely competitive vacation rental market, standing out as a property owner or manager can be challenging. Smiling House offers a unique opportunity to shine on Google Vacation Rentals, connecting travelers with their dream vacation rentals.

With Smiling House, you gain exclusive access to Google Vacation Rentals, unlocking a range of benefits for your property management business.

Maximized Visibility: Your vacation rentals receive prime placement on Google Search and Google Maps, increasing your visibility to high-intent travelers.

Free Advertising: Google Vacation Rentals acts as free advertising, connecting you with travelers actively seeking vacation rentals in your area.

Don't miss out on the incredible potential Smiling House and Google Vacation Rentals offer your property management business. Capitalize on this powerful tool to connect with ideal guests, drive more traffic to your website, increase direct bookings, and boost profits.

Start your journey now with Smiling House, stand out in the competitive market, achieve long-term success in the vacation rental industry, and provide travelers with unforgettable experiences.

To begin enhancing your luxury listings sustainability, simply complete the membership application on this page.