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The different charming car-free Island.

The charming car-free Island of Spetses

The air is refreshingly warm and welcoming.
Nightlife as you can’t imagine it on such a small Island.
Amazing views across the Saronic Gulf towards the Peloponnese coast.


Welcome to the island of the aromas
An unusual aspect of Spetses is the absence of cars.
The most common modes of transport are walking, horse-drawn carriages, bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles. Only taxis and delivery vehicles are allowed in the downtown area.
Ferries and high-speed hydrofoils arrive regularly from Athens. You can also drive to Porto Helli and then hop on a water-taxi for a 5 minute ride to the island.
Trails encircle the island and total about 25 to 30 km.
Beaches closest to the town of Spetses include: Agios Mamas in the center of town; and Kaíki beach 1 kilometre to the northwest and Agia Marina 2 kilometres to the south, both of which offer water-sports.
Public buses serve beaches further outside of town, including Zogeria, Agioi Anargiroi, and Agia Paraskevi.
Spetses, an island boasting a long naval tradition, is famous for its significant contribution to the 1821 War of Independence. It was here that the revolution flag was raised on 3rd April 1821.
The island has managed to retain its individual traditional character thanks to its well-preserved grand captain mansions, still bearing eloquent witness to the island’s glorious past.
The picturesque old harbour and Dápia, a tourist and commercial centre where the heart of the island’s entertainment beats, are the trademarks of the town of Spetses.
Take a romantic trip around the island in horse-drawn carriages and admire the grand mansions adorning the narrow cobbled streets of the island.


The rich history and naval tradition of the island is reflected on numerous sites that are definitely worth visiting.


Built around the end of the 17th Century, the building is shaped like a Π, a detail which at that time indicated the importance of the owner. Bouboulina was a heroine that played a significant role in the 1821 War of Independence. Visit her house, which now operates as a museum to admire its wood-carved Florentine ceiling, 18th and 19th century furniture, interesting collection of old weapons, fine porcelain and rare books.


Today the house hosts a museum exhibiting relics from the War of Independence, letters written by war heroes like Kolokotronis and Athanasios Diakos, a folk art collection and the relics of Bouboulina. The house was built between 1795 and 1798, and was donated to the Greek state in 1938 by the heirs of the Mexis family. The objects on display represent more than 4,000 years of the island’s history.


This rural church was built between 1824 and 1830 to honour the victory of the Greek warriors against the Ottoman fleet.


The island's Cathedral is of great historical importance as it was here where the island's Independence flag was raised on 3rd April 1821. It was also here where the dead body of Paul Bonaparte, nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte who came to Greece to fight on the side of Greeks, was kept in a barrel of rum for three whole years!


the War Memorial of the Spetses Navy, the Clock in Rologioú Square, and the Anargyreios Korgialeneios School. Situated in the area of Kounoupitsa, today it houses the Centre of Environmental Education.



You can visit Spetses during September, when “Armata”, a truly impressive re-enactment of a naval battle takes place ever since 1931.


If you are a sports lover, you definitely don't want to miss the unique athletic events organised every year in April "Spetsathlon"and October "Spetses Mini Marathon", where thousands of participants take place.
Spetsathlon, the biggest triathlon in Greece, receives athletes from every corner of Greece and the world who enjoy the Swimming, Biking and Running races. On the other hand, Spetses Mini Marathon gathers athletes and visitors that enjoy running and swimming races for the young at heart!



Established in the March of 2011 in an amazing location in the Old Port of Spetses, La Luzhas quickly became one of the most favored entertainment spots on the island of Spetses. Here you will enjoy some of the most famous Greek musicians playing live music events, as well as fresh cocktails and drinks accompanied with interesting meze dishes.
La Luz, Spetses, Greece, +30 2298 074244


If Greek islands are a synonym of delicious fresh fish, then the fish tavern Patralis is a synonym of Spetses. This restaurant, with a history of more than 80 years, prepares and serves fresh fish in its own way. Try the bouillabaisse, the shrimp spaghetti, the seafood risotto, which are all created with talent, care and amazing ingredients fresh from the sea. Of course, you can also try other, traditional Greek dishes like moussaka, papoutsakia and stuffed vegetables.
Fish Tavern Patralis, Spetses, Greece, +30 2298 075380


This restaurant offers creative dishes inspired by Mediterranean cuisine and uses local fresh ingredients, such as virgin olive oil, fish and vegetables. The scenic view of the sea offered by the Water of Love is another important reason why you should visit it at least once.
Water of Love, Spetses, Greece, +30 2298 074009


This restaurant is located in a classic building which once housed the island’s first port authority in 1802. Its dishes are created with the finest ingredients and utmost care and features Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. The friendly staff serves a wide variety of quality meze dishes accompanied with local drinks and a large range of wines.
Orloff Restaurant, Old Port, Spetses, Greece, +30 2298 075444


Τhe famous fish restaurant Tarsanas is located in the old port of Spetses, in a wonderful setting with a great view of the sea. It offers delicious fish dishes, made with fresh seafood caught by fishers on the family’s fishing boat. The seafood specialties you should try include the marinated cuttlefish, the red mullets and the grilled lobsters.
Tarsanas Fish Restaurant, Spetses, Greece, +30 2298 074490


Cielo Mar has one of the most wonderful terraces on the island and therefore is commonly described as one of the greatest options to enjoy sunshine in Spetses. The staff is polite and helpful and the atmosphere is warm. Enjoy a delightful cocktail under the sounds of soft lounge music, accompanied with amazingly tasty club sandwiches.
Cielo Mar, Spetses, Greece, +30 694 753 2902


After trying the local and Mediterranean cuisine, you may seek for a change or want something more familiar. Without a doubt, Bluefield offers the best burgers in Spetses and is a highly preferred option in this case. Here quantity meets quality. Ask for the advice of the friendly owners who will guide you to choose the best, always with respect to your personal culinary preferences and budget.
Bluefield burger company, Plateia Rologiou, Spetses, Greece, +30 2298 073388


As you can even tell by its name, Vanilia is the ultimate destination for those who have sweet tastes in the island of Spetses. Sophia Syrma and Giannis Plotas created this place with the aim to bring a large and sweet smile to the faces of their customers – and their dream has totally come true.
Vanilia Spetses, Spetses, Greece, +30 2298077170

Travel to Spetses


Spetses can be reached from Athens airport in just 2 hours by car and 2.5 hours by ferry (Happy Dolphin).


There is daily ferry to Spetses from Piraeus port, the main port of Athens. It takes about 2 hours and also stops in other ports of the Saronic Gulf, such as Hydra, Ermioni, Poros and Porto Heli. The ferry to Spetses can be either hydrofoil or catamaran in type.


We can arrange for a mini bus, taxi, or chauffeur-driven service from your chosen location to your luxury villa in Spetses.


From Athens you drive to Porto Helli in about 2 hours, and then you leave your car in the Port, as Spestes is a car-free island.
From there, you hop on a lovely taxi-boat and you'll be in Spetses in about 5 minutes. We'll make sure someone will be there in the Harbor to welcome you and show you to your holiday home.