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Summer Resort Town

Riviera of the Peloponnese

Porto Heli is a glamorous town that combines relaxation and aquatic sports. An excellent spot for your sporty holidays!


Porto Heli is a lovely seaside town that attracts many Athenians for its island character. It is embraced by the picturesque harbor which is used by the private yacht owners during summer. The town is a great getaway from the busy city and suggests some beautiful spots including beaches and relaxing spots. Due to its convenient location, Porto Heli is a good base for road excursions to Ermioni, Epidaurus, Nafplion, and Poros. Also from the small port of Costa, there are local boats to Spetses island. Tourism in Porto Heli is popular among families with kids. It's called Porto Heli and it's on the so-called "Greek Riviera" on the northeastern Peloponnese coast, a three-hour ferry ride from Athens, or 25 minutes by helicopter. The area is chock-full of protected coves and bays on the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean. Known as the Saronic Gulf, the region has drawn well-heeled Greek families for decades; their homes preside regally over the seaside hilltops, nestled above the olive groves.


Porto Heli is a luxurious retreat spot in Peloponese, on the bay of the Argolic Gulf. It's famous for its beautiful bay and the warm flat water ideal for all kinds of watersports. Near the town, you will find the ruins of the ancient city of Halieis which was built in 700 BC. The remains of the wall are now partly under the sea. Porto Heli is a famous summer resort town in Greece. Its bay offers a wonderful panorama over the ruins of the ancient city of Halieis. In the southern part of the Argolic Gulf, the region of Aghios Aimilianos is home to a chapel from which you can see the beautiful Spetses island. Its clear and flat water will welcome you for a peaceful and relaxing moment. Sea kayaking explorations are a nice way to discover Porto Heli and its surroundings. It's a great activity thanks to the flat water of the area and above all for those who like to paddle and relax on the beaches or simply snorkel around! Panexpeditions provide 11 km paddling excursions offering great views to Porto Heli. The sea kayak tour is accessible to everyone. You can as well practice many other nautical activities like wakeboarding, water skiing, stand up paddling, jet skiing and many more. Scuba diving and snorkeling are also great activities that you can do. Exploring the underwater life of the Mediterranean Sea is truly a great experience!

Things to do in Porto Heli

There are many beaches and coves around Porto Heli, Peloponnese, that offer nice relaxing moments.

Ververoda Lake

Ververoda Lake in Porto Heli: The lake of Ververoda is a popular place located approximately 5 km from Porto Heli, the small tourist village of Peloponnese. In the medieval times, the areas around the lake were thought to be a pirate hideout. The locals believe that the waters of this lake have medicinal properties and can cure them of some diseases, mostly bone pains. A water-skiing competition, the Senior World Competition, takes place in Ververoda Lake every year and athletes from the whole world participate and surprise spectators with their talent. The activities performed in Ververoda Lake attract many visitors to come to this southern coast of Argolis and helps in the area's development. The lake of Ververoda is lovely in the sunset when the sky gets dried in vibrant orange shades.

Drougas Bakery

Since 1970 Drougas bakery has been offering authentic bread delicacies to the public, always following the old recipes. During those years, the descendants continued their parents' work by expanding their business network with a common vision and passion for the art of bakery and pastry. Nowadays, they offer countless goods, from fresh out of the oven bread to wedding cakes and decorations.


In a quiet and sheltered little harbor, there is a new proposal to spend your days and your evenings. In Godai, you will be served next to the beach, you will receive our high-quality services, you will enjoy delighted food and drink accompanied by quality music in a well-designed space.

Blue Fig Art

Blue Fig Art is dedicated to cultivating and promoting contemporary art culture. Through exhibiting works by local, Greek and international artists and fostering partnerships in the Argolid area, in Greece and internationally; by developing and promoting works and workshops inspired by the area, it seeks to strengthen awareness and appreciation of greek culture, environment and art. BFA is based in Porto Heli but also has an office space in Athens.

Poseidon Sports

This center's mission is to teach sailing and windsurfing to people, to help them enjoy the beach and water safety without impacting on the surrounding environment. The lessons concern ether beginners or intermediates, groups, families or single individuals in flexible schedules.

Travel to Porto Heli


In order to reach Porto Heli, you need to drive through the Greek National Road Athens - Corinth and after the Corinth Canal you have to follow the route with direction to Epidaurus. From this point, you will spot the signs that lead you to Porto Heli through Kranidi.


There are ferries to Porto Heli from Piraeus, the main port of Athens. These ferries depart frequently, about 4-5 times per day, and also connect Porto Heli with other destinations in the Saronic Gulf, such as Poros, Spetses, Hydra, and Ermioni. The ferry trip from Piraeus to Porto Heli lasts about 2 hours. These ferries are hydrofoils, which means that they are speed boats that take only passengers, no cars are allowed to board the ferry. If you are in Spetses island and want to go to the opposite coast where is Porto Heli, you can also take the local boat that operates this route. There are local boats from Spetses to Porto Heli or Costa (a small port 4 km from Porto Heli) and itineraries depart every 30 min.


Porto Heli does not have an airport. The nearest airport is the International Airport of Athens that receives domestic and international flights all year round. From the airport of Athens, visitors can go to the port of Piraeus and take the ferry to Porto Heli, which runs about 4-5 times per day. Alternatively, visitors can go to Porto Heli by bus from Kifissos KTEL Station in Athens. This bus does not go to Porto Heli directly but via Nafplion or Kranidi, two large towns in Argolida.


There are frequent daily buses from Athens to Porto Heli via the towns of Nafplion and Kranidi. There is no direct bus from Athens to Porto Heli but the transfer has to be done via Kranidi or Nafplion. Buses to Porto Heli depart from Kifissos KTEL Bus Station in Athens. It takes about 3 hours to reach Kranidi and then you need 30 min from Kranidi to Porto Heli.