Israel's Tourism Capital


Beautiful resort city in southern Israel, Eilat is the best place to relax on the stunning beaches of the Red Sea.


Eilat is a southern Israeli port and resort town on the Red Sea in the middle of the desert which makes Eilat to be so unique. Its beaches are noted for their calm waters, Dolphin Reef, snorkeling and diving. The centre of town will offer you many restaurants, shops, hotels, and bars.


There is a lot of great restaurants in Eilat, you can find there any type of food. Eilat it's the place to enjoy a good meal with the amazing view of the desert and the sea.


Eilat is a bustling city with things to do in all hours of day and night. When the sun goes down and pools and beaches close, many bars and clubs open.

All Year Round Activities

There are plenty of activities in Eilat like swimming with dolphins, Explore the Underwater Marine Observatory, Dive in the Red Sea, Visit Timna Park which its a beautiful park in the desert, Try a New Watersports, Go Shopping (Eilat is a tax-free zone) and just Relax on the Eilat Beaches!

Travel to Eilat


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