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Stunning White beaches and Desert-like Landscapes




Aruba is known for its stunning white beaches, desert-landscapes, and some of the best wreck diving in the Caribbean. Aruba is like a dry island with consistently fine atmosphere.


Its location in the far south of the Caribbean puts it out of reach of most hurricanes, so sun seekers can enjoy the island's outdoor attractions and water sports at any time of year.


Planning a snorkeling trip during your vacation in Aruba is a must. While there is so much to discover on land, taking a trip under the sea is an experience unlike any other.

Aruba's Finest


Eagle Beach is one of Aruba’s largest beaches. It's also Aruba's most famous and is often ranked among the world’s best in travel magazines and traveller surveys. Not only is Eagle Beach stunningly beautiful with its soft, white sands and clear waters, it’s also a hive of fun beach activities including banana boat rides and jet ski rentals. Sun loungers are available to rent, or you could try to find a patch of shade under a stately divi divi tree on the beach. Be sure to linger into the twilight hours to catch the spectacular sunset views over the sea.


Jane Sea is a ship that sunk in mysterious circumstances in 1988 that has an open cargo hull to explore. The Pedernales sunken tanker is another World War II relic that suffered a torpedo attack by German U-boats in 1942 – this wreck is popular with beginner divers.


Reflecting its history, Aruba’s distinctive cuisine blends cultural influences from Holland, Spain, Portugal and South America. To savour a taste of the local seafood, look for dishes like keri keri (sautéed barracuda or shark), pisca den foil (foil-cooked mahi mahi) or calco stoba (conch stew). And no meal in Aruba is complete without a side of funchi (cornmeal mush) or pan bati (savoury pancakes).


The port city of Oranjestad's lively streets and wedding-cake Dutch colonial architecture can easily tempt visitors away from the beaches for at least a few hours of shopping and strolling. Look for souvenirs and snacks at the Local Market near the bus terminal or stop by the Cosecha gallery and shop to find unique ceramics, jewellery and other works by local artists. Queen Wilhelmina Park is a scenic little place to relax and maybe spot some sunbathing iguanas.


With its windswept coastlines, cacti-dotted landscapes and limestone cliffs, Arikok National Park is a great place to discover Aruba’s wild beauty. Hike to the top of Arikok hill to enjoy panoramic views over the island, or take a 4X4 to go for a cool dip in Conchi, a jewel-toned natural pool along the rocky shore. Venture into Fontien Cave to find ancient pictographs amongst the stalactites

Travel to Aruba


Aruba's Reina Beatrix International Airport receives over 150 flights per week from various cities in the USA, Canada, several countries in South America, the Netherlands, England and other Caribbean islands. On this page you will find information about the peak hours at the airport, US pre-clearance, departure tax and transportation possibilities to and from the airport.


Arriving in Aruba and Cruise Terminal Facilities. Most cruises arrive early morning to make most of the day in port. The port of Oranjestad has a modern Cruise facility with three terminals. Upon arrival at the air-conditioned terminals you will find friendly and welcoming staff at the information booths. They will assist you with any information you might need for your Aruba visit. Across from the visitor's booth you will find an ATM machine. Within the terminal you can also find the Setar telecommunications desk for any cellular or wi-fi needs.


Getting around Aruba is quick and easy. Bus service to and from downtown Oranjestad and the resort areas is reliable and inexpensive. Our Arubus is a daily bus service all along the hotel strip. There is bus service every 15 minutes from 5:45 a.m. until 6 p.m.; buses then run every 40 minutes until 11:30 p.m. The central bus station in downtown Oranjestad is located adjacent to the cruise terminal and next to Royal Plaza.